Is Carlos Ghosn innocent or guilty?

This weekend I taught a lesson to a lawyer.

She has taken my lesson about a dozen times now.

This time we talked about Carlos Ghosn.

Only the (検事) prosecutor has the evidence.  Poker players get cards and make a hand.  Sometimes they (bet everything) go all in on a hand.  The prosecutor has gone all in on the case against Carlos Ghosn.  The stakes are very high.

She thinks he’s innocent, and explained why she thinks that.

It was very interesting.

“I didn’t shoot him! A person with a different gun shot him!
I have this gun because I was trying to scare the real murderer!”  “I don’t believe you! I know you shot him because you have a smoking gun! It was used just now!”  evidence that shows absolutely 100% that the (被告人) defendant is guilty = a smoking gun

I also teach a few students that think he’s guilty

I like hearing both sides from different students.

I don’t think they have a smoking gun.  That’s why Carlos Ghosn was arrested twice.  If the judge funds Carlos Ghosn innocent, maybe people will get angry.  出る杭が打たれる (Australian thinking)
The poppy that stands taller than the rest gets its head cut off
tall poppy syndrome  I think many people don’t like Carlos Ghosn because of tall poppy syndrome.

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